Frequently asked questions

How much is the tent cost per night at Bergen Camping Park?

At Bergen Camping Park, a tent costs NOK. 210, – pr. night for 1-3 people. If more than 3 people, the price is NOK 250, -. This also includes shower, washer, dryer and wifi. For a supplement of NOK 40, – we can provide electricity for some of the places.

How much is camping prices per night at Bergen Camping Park?

At Bergen Camping Park, the price for a caravan/motorhome for the 2022 season is NOK. 300, – for 1-3 people + kr. 40, – for electricity. If you are more than 3 people, the price is increased to NOK. 320, – pr. night. Then both wifi, shower, washing machines and dryers are included in the price.

What is the usual annual rent at the campsite?

Bergen Camping Park offers monthly rental of caravan / motorhome space out of season, from 1 September – 1 June. The price for the 2021/2022 season is NOK 2800, – pr. month + electricity according to measured consumption. We do not have a surcharge on electricity, you pay the purchase price. The rent includes free use of sanitary building with shower, washing machines, dryers and wifi.

What charging is common at campsites?

Bergen Camping Park has power poles for motorhome/caravan with ordinary 2 pin earthed sockets (Schuko). 2 connectors share a fuse of 16 amps / 3600 watts. Those who spend the winter with us get a 16 amp fuse alone, to be able to keep the heat without the fuse breaking. If you want to charge an electric car, then you can use the Circle-K station in the driveway to the campsite. It offers both Tesla Superchargers and Ionity lightning chargers and Chademo chargers.

What is a motel?

At Bergen Camping Park, the motel means a 1-storey building with several small bedrooms in a row, connected by a corridor. The rooms all have a lockable door, a bunk bed for 2 people, a desk, 2 chairs and a fridge / freezer for storing food. In the building we have wifi, kitchen and shared bathroom with free shower, sink, toilet.

Do we have to bring bed linen / towels?

Guests at Bergen Camping Park can bring their own bed linen / towels from home, or rent bed linen for NOK. 60, – and towels for kr. 30, – pr. set. All rooms and cabins have duvets and pillows.

Is cleaning of the cabin included in the price?

At Bergen Camping Park, post-cleaning of a cabin with a bathroom normally costs NOK. 300, – and for a cabin without a bathroom NOK. 200, -. Our motel rooms have cleaning included in the price when you leave.

Where do you waste disposal?

Bergen Camping Park in Nordre Brurås 26 at Haukås has a waste disposal site for both greywater and toilet water from a fixed and loose tank. This is free for our guests and NOK 30, – for passers-by. One can also refill drinking water for free.

Is there wifi?

Bergen Camping Park has free wifi both indoors and outdoors for guests.

Where is the laundry?

At Bergen Camping Park there is a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. These are available 24/7 and are free for our guests. Passers-by can also pay NOK 40, – pr. program if there is spare capacity. Contact the reception during opening hours for access.

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