Bergen Camping Park is located along the E39s northern access road to Bergen 14km on the motorway from Bergen city centre. Our Park is open all the year round where guests can rent both rooms and cabins catering for the needs of individuals, business travellers and families. The cabins are modern and can be rented at a very reasonable rate during the out of season period from the 1st September to 1st June. Parking is free with room for larger vehicles if necessary such as SUVs, campers or cars with trailers.
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We aim to ensure our guests are as comfortable as possible during their stay. The competitive pricing and closeness to the city centre along with the Parks amenities makes us a popular choice for guests. We believe it is important that our guests always feel welcome and looked after. The nice, quiet atmosphere of the camp also contributes to the overall experience of relaxing in a secure and quiet environment.
The staff at the Park will always ensure that the accommodation is kept tidy with a comfortable bed in a clean room. This is the high standard we strive to attain. Our customer service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Be you a business traveller or on holiday be rest assured that our staff will take good care of you and your needs.
Please note that Bergen Camping Park is focussed on the environment and the footprint we leave behind. Everything, where possible, is recycled, glass, paper, metal etc including e-waste from managing the Park. Measures have also been put in place to reduce the consumption of water and electricity for heating. During the last year the Park has installed solar panels to help reduce dependency on the grid. Electric vehicles can utilise charging facilities at the Circle-K petrol station close to the Park. Most types of electric cars can be recharged at the fuel station. However, please note that there is also the possibility of charging your car overnight at the campsite, free if you are staying with us.


Bergen Camping Park also offers free wi-fi throughout the Park as well as in every building. The Park`s sanitary building is available to guests 24 hours, 7 days a week. There you will find showers, toilets, washroom, kitchen and a laundry with tumble dryers. All is free of charge. We like to keep it simple and uncomplicated for our guests.
We also invite you to leave feedback for management on how we can improve our facilities, services and additional amenities.
We warmly welcome you to Bergen Camping Park.
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